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What is an Auto Registration Loan?

Automobile registration loans in Arizona are personal loans using your vehicles's registration as collateral in order to receive up to $2,500 in financing. These type of loans are somewhat similar to payday loans. In these cases, though, the prime requirement is a vehicle registered in your name. While some forms of more traditional credit have their interest rates capped at 36 percent APR, secured loans against your car equity can charge higher rates due to their shorter terms. Considered annually, rates on secured loans on your auto can be as high as 204 percent. Because personal loans secured on an auto registration don't involve placing a lien on a vehicle's title, they're not restricted to borrowers who own their cars outright. Personal loans using your vehicle registration as collateral can be taken even if you're still paying off your car.


As noted above, you can almost certainly qualify for secured loans against your vehicle equity as long as you're the registered owner of a vehicle. Your registration serves as the security for your loan; the lender retains it until you're finished repaying your debt. Loans secured on a car or truck registration are much like title loans, but they're available to borrowers who haven't yet finished paying off their cars. The amount of money your lender is willing to offer you will depend on how much equity you have in your car. Lenders who deal in personal loans using your automobile as collateral can meet your needs very quickly; you can usually get the money you're looking for in a few days or sometimes just a few hours.

Borrowers who take out secured loans against an automobile get a hassle-free way to get the cash they need for whatever purpose. These funds can be used to pay bills, make purchases, or even to pay other debts. Loans using your auto registration as security are a viable option for virtually anyone who needs quick financing. In virtually all cases, lenders who offer these types of loans can send the funds directly to the borrower's checking account once their application is approved.

As long as you're the registered owner on your car, you can apply for secured loans using your car or truck registration as collateral. You don't need to have the vehicle paid off, but you may need to be able to turn over the title to the lender.


There are a lot of advantages to loans using your automobile registration as security in Phoenix that make them appealing to borrowers. We pride ourselves on offering the lowest, most competitive rates on these types of secured loans that you can find. We'll also work with you to set up a repayment plan designed specifically to meet your needs and your current financial resources. We'll make paying off your loan as painless as possible for you. Further benefits of borrowing from us include:

  • Auto registration loans don't require credit checks
  • Your vehicle doesn't have to be fully paid off
  • Based on the registered value of your vehicle you could receive $2,500 or more
  • Competitive interest rates
  • No hidden fees or penalties for early payment
  • Customized payments schedules and terms to fit your needs
  • Fast, hassle-free application available online
  • 24/7 access to customer support

As long as you have sufficient equity built up in your car, you can use it to secure the financing you need.


If you're looking for a car registration loan in Phoenix Arizona, we can help you. We'll get you the financing you need anywhere in Arizona, even if you don't own your car. Whether you're seeking a little extra cash through a vehicle registration loan or want to refinance an existing title loan, you've come to the right lenders.

Sadly there are a lot of people out there right now struggling with their personal finances. Car payments, house payments, and regular bills take a healthy bite out of your paychecks, and it doesn't take much of an extra burden to push you over the edge. Don't despair! You still have options to secure the resources you need. Some people start using payday loans to make up the shortfalls they face. This sort of financing can get expensive. Why not look at Phoenix registration loans as an alternative? Even though you haven't finished paying off your car, you can still use it as collateral to take out a Phoenix registration loan and give yourself a little financial breathing room.


Many everyday people are set up to use a traditional loan from a bank to meet their financial needs. Not all of us have the proper credit and banking history to take that step. Seeking out personal loans secured with your auto registration in Arizona might be the solution to your financial difficulties. There are many valid reasons to pursue loans using a car or truck registration as security. You might need extra cash to make car payments, down payments on mortgages, utility bills, medical expenses, or other financial obligations. Auto registration loans in Phoenix can be offered without a credit check. Your vehicle's registration serves as the collateral required to secure the loan. Not sure about how that works? It's simple: Your lender secures your vehicle registration for the duration of the loan. As soon as you've finished repaying your loan.

Most of the lenders in Arizona who offer secured loans using an automobile registration as collateral are able to customize payment plans in order to better serve their individual borrowers. The goal for both lender and borrower is to set up a payment plan that won't place any undue burden on the borrower, maximizing the odds of completing the loan without any unexpected difficulties. It's still in your favor to negotiate your payment plan carefully, though! Most lenders will offer about half of your auto's total value on secured loans against an auto registration. You're not obliged to take everything the lender offers; borrow only as much as you need so that repaying your loan is easier. Remember that falling short of your repayment obligations might put your ownership of your vehicle at risk; the less you borrow the less likely that eventuality is.


We will give you an answer within minutes in terms of how much money you qualify for as well as what your expected monthly payment will be.

We assist our clients with obtaining the money they really need to help quickly bridge their financial gap without any hassles.


In order you to borrow funds our consultants don't need your credit score.


If you do have a proven track record, you will be able to obtain larger loans and better rates.

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  • Have the money wires to your bank account. (If you have one)

As you can see there are several available options for you. The option you choose will be based on what is offered by your specific lender and what your needs are.  Some of the other options might be available to you based on your area and lender, again this will vary depending on the lender.



Anyone who lacks a solid relationship with a financial institution (such as a bank) can take advantage of personal loans using your vehicle as security when they need cash in large quantities. Depending on your make and model of vehicle and the amount of equity you have in it, you can get access to thousands of dollars from a reputable lender. Many lenders will even provide loans secured with an auto registration with no bank account for individuals who need fast funding without any complications like extended credit checks.

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If you want to use a vehicle registration loan to secure a little extra cash in Phoenix or anywhere in Arizona, you're likely to be approved regardless of your past credit history. If you have a poor credit record - or no credit history whatsoever - you're probably still eligible for this type of financing. Loans secured with a car or truck registration are, as their name suggests, secured by your ownership of a car. To get loans using a vehicle as security in Arizona, all you need to do is turn over a valid auto registration to your lender as collateral for the duration of the loan. The lender will hold your registration only until you have finished paying off the full loan amount; it will be returned to you as soon as you've discharged your debt.
Personal loans using a car as security are available to individuals with a history of past financial difficulties including bankruptcy. Since personal loans secured on a car registration don't require a credit check, you can usually get approved within a day or two. In some cases, these loans can be approved in just hours. We can also customize your repayment plan in order to meet your budget in a flexible manner.


Like all reputable lending arrangements, secured loans against your car registration are governed by legal rules and regulations for registration loans in Arizona. Many consumers find loans secured on your car or truck registration to be ideally suited to their financial needs. These loans provide a quick, hassle-free source of funds with minimal turnaround time. Getting a traditional personal loan from a bank can be tricky for many consumers. They might require an exceptional credit rating, a co-signer, and sometimes collateral as well. While you might not have the kind of assets banks want to use as security for a loan, your car serves as the perfect collateral for quick, no-nonsense loans using your automobile registration as collateral. The regulatory hoops you have to jump through are minimal. These loans let you draw on the equity stake you have in your vehicles. Repaying car loans against your automobile equity promptly will give you access to the extra money you need without charging you much in the way of interest. If you need financial support fast, taking out a secured loan on your vehicle registration is an excellent idea.



Once you apply for one of our Arizona registration loans you will obtain an email from us letting you know that we received the information that you submitted. Shortly thereafter one of our friendly loan experts will then call you to confirm your information was entered correctly; upon making sure that the information was correct; you will be provided with an amount that your vehicle pre-qualifies for. At this point you can choose to accept the terms. Depending on the lender you may need to either email or fax over a couple of photos and documents. We will go over the required documents with you. After you have submitted all the documents, you will be informed where you can pick your cash up and in certain cases we will bring the money to you or have your funds deposited into your bank account.

what to expect after apply for a Phoenix  registration loan


They contacted me within an hour of my loan inquiry. They were better because they were able to assist me unlike the other company that wasn't able to. The person I talked too was more understanding of different situations like missing documents or making exceptions on certain things I didn't have. The loan officer was definitely courteous. The application process was super easy and though there were a lot of steps, that's understandable because it's a sizeable loan. If I had any questions, they walked me through it because I like to take things step-by-step. They didn't make me feel overwhelmed, so that was good. If I have to refer them, I definitely would. For a stressful situation, they made everything easy for me.

Barbara C. Phoenix, AZ

I like this company, they got a hold of me right away once I submitted my stuff and requested to have a loan. I did contact another company,  but really like the guys here  as they were better, faster and more receptive to my needs. They walked me through everything and made sure I got it all and have no more problems. Their staff was courteous and when I called back to ask some question about something, they went over it with me again and I saw what I was looking for. They gave me all the information that the other company didn’t give me before. Overall, it was an easy process with them and they made sure I understood what is going on.

Andrew R. Glendale, AZ

This was the first one I saw on Google and it was legit. I made a loan inquiry and they contacted me within 24 hours, the other companies didn't contact me. The application process was very quick. It only took me 10 mins to fill up everything out. Someone called me shortly after and the person that I talked to was good with text messaging which made it easy for me because I'm often busy during the day. That made it possible to get everything over and things going.

Roderick T. Tuscon, AZ

I had a good experience with the site. When I inquired about a loan, I was contacted within the same day. The application process was easy. They were helpful and got things done speedily and efficiently.

Ramona S. Mesa, AZ 

I was surprised when I was contacted within 5 minutes after I made an inquiry. They had less documentation needed for closing and had lower monthly payment. The entire loan process couldn’t be any easier. They made it very simple and was great. The loan processor was good, direct to the point, and got me everything I needed. He made it quick and easy. Overall they went above and beyond what I expected even after the situation was handled. When the approval was taken care of VIP, they were still there to check up and make sure I got everything. I had a really good experience. They made me feel comfortable and not just another number.

Andrew S. Flagstaff, AZ

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