How Do Registration Loans Work?

Car Title Loans Are A Lot Easier Than You Think!

The words: Car Registration Loans may strike fear into your heart, but the whole process is a lot easier than you think. That being said this page is dedicated to helping you understand the whole title loan process.

Have you ever pawned an item?

If so you know that you would bring in your item, say a watch, to the pawn shop and the dealer would figure out how much the watch is worth. Then they would figure out how much they could loan you. The amount is never the true value of the item because they have to consider that you may not pay off the loan and they may end up putting it on their shelves to sell to offset their loss.

Auto registration loans are just like a version of this but the difference is you don’t give them the car to hold. You do not give them the car with these loans. You still drive it. You still have it in your control.